Rendezvous Fleet

As of 6/27/2017 the following vessles are planning on attending the rendezvous.

Betsy K
LOA: 33
Watch Hill, RI
Ursel and Jim deReynier
Betsy K is a 33 foot Atkin wooden schooner, built 1957 with a major stem and underwater overhaul in 2012-13.
LOA: 74
Mystic, CT
Nicholas Alley and Crew
Brilliant is an offshore classroom for Mystic Seaport's education programs. Her sailing program offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn about sailing on one of the finest wooden schooners ever built. She began her work as a sail training vessel in 1953, and over fifty years later, 9,000 teens and adults have learned traditional seamanship skills while sailing local and distant waters. Brilliant's excellent condition is a testament to the designers and skilled craftsmen who built her to the highest standards at the Nevins yard in 1932, and to the careful maintenance she received ever since. Originally built for offshore cruising, Brilliant has proven herself in many races and is the platform for the nation's oldest sail education program.
Mystic Whaler
LOA: 110
New London, CT
Pat Dutton, John Eginton, crew and passengers
Mystic Whaler is a tribute to the coastal trading schooners that plied New Englandís waters a century ago. Built in 1967 and rebuilt in 1993, she is stable and comfortable with many passenger amenities. In addition to chartering, Mystic Whaler is part of the Clearwater programís Classroom of the Waves, which provides educational sailing trips for students along the Hudson River. She measures 83 feet on deck, with an extreme length of 110 feet. Displacing 100 tons, she carries 3000 square feet of sail.
LOA: 42
Thimble Islands, CT
Dave and Cindy Simon
Niamh, pronounced Nee-ev, daughter of the sea god and friend to sailors in Irish mythology, is a Tom Colvin Saugeen Witch, steel, 34' on deck, with a sparred length 42'.
LOA: 42
Bayville, NJ
Paul Gray and crew
Quintessence's hull is a duplicate of an early 20th century Friendship sloop, Dictator. Built in fiberglass by Jarvis Newman and Mack Pettrigrew, Quintessence was rigged as a schooner. She combines the legendary grace and seakeeping ability of a Friendship sloop with the versatility of a schooner rig designed by Ralph Stanley. She is a truly unique vessel! Sailing out of Bayville, NJ, she is a regular sight on Tom's River, Barnegat Bay and the waters from Long Island Sound to the Chesapeake Bay.
Tree of Life
LOA: 91
Newport, RI
Paul Morse and Crew